Travel Guide For A Weekend Trip

Travel Guide For A Weekend Trip

Travelling is an empowering experience. Well, till a very long ago the best way to travel was sans any kind of plan. But, this was decades ago. Now, we not only need a travel plan but also a travel guide even for a weekend trip. These weekend trips rob stress and ennui out of life. In fact, a lovely weekend getaway will infuse zeal and enthusiasm in your life which is otherwise full of hassles and monotony. And, what can be better than a Golden Triangle getaway which is not just enjoyable but also enriches you culturally and knowledgeable. For any trip, it is vital that you choose the right place to stay and narrow down on what all activities you wish to do.

Some things to keep in mind for a Golden Triangle weekend trip

There are however few things which you need to know in case you are planning to visit the Golden Triangle cities of Jaipur, Agra and Delhi.

Visit in winter months

Firstly, try to plan your Golden Triangle weekend getaway during the winter months of November till February. During these months, the weather will be your ally and you will be able to enjoy to the hilt. If you visit in any other season, heat and humidity can be a big spoilsport and visiting tourist places like Amer Fort, Taj Mahal, Qutab Minar, Red Fort, Humayun’s Fort, etc can be a pain.

So, in short, the whole purpose of getting fun and enjoyment out of your weekend getaway will run out of the window. Also, during winter months these cities don a different feel. Festivities are in the air. Cultural activities are on a peak during this time. Several fairs and cultural events are organized during winters in all these three cities. So, planning a weekend tour during winters is a win-win thing.

Stay safe

Now, as India is a hugely populated country and you are planning to visit these cities during the peak tourist season of winters, do not get intimidated with the size of the crowd which you see at various tourist sites. It can actually be outrageous but the catch is staying with your tour guide and let him/ her manoeuvre you around. You will see people selling all sorts of stuff, people approaching you for different things, just keep your belongings safe and beware of pickpockets.

Try to carry plastic money

plastic money
plastic money

Carry as little cash as possible. When any withdrawal is made using your credit card or debit card, you are notified immediately. So, in case you lose your card or it gets stolen you can block it immediately without any loss or any kind to you. Plastic money is so much safer on a trip and saves you from unnecessary tension on mind.  But, do keep some cash with you as most of the local sellers and artisans do not have a card swiping machine in case you wish to buy something from them.

Clothing Tips

Keep yourself covered.  It suffices a lot of purposes. If you are a female traveler you are kept away from prying eyes of people around you.  Now, as you are planning your getaway in winter months you will not end up with winter chills, cough or cold. Also, it protects you from mosquitoes and any other insects which can bite you in case you are planning to visit any ancient forts and monuments. Daytime temperature and night temperatures varies drastically in Golden Triangle cities. So, stay warm and protected. Wear simple and comfortable clothes which offer complete ease of movement.


It all narrows down to what is the goal of your weekend trip. If you are on an exploring spree you can cut down on your stay and spend the same money on seeing new places. Most of the tourist sites have an entry fee. So if you want to cover more places on your tour you can opt for a budgeted stay. Alternatively, if the agenda of your stay is to relax, you can just visit one or two tourist attractions and choose a nice luxury room to stay. In short, all depends on what you wish and expect out of your weekend getaway. Some people like to have a feel of Rajasthani hospitality and royalty in this weekend Golden Triangle tour. They must stay in a heritage property in Jaipur and enjoy a sumptuous meal presented in true Rajasthani style.

Move with a tour guide

A tour guide will make your trip more interesting. They have knowledge not just about the history of places, they will tell fun factoids about each and every location you visit. In a Golden Triangle tour, this is all the more important as you will be covering ancient forts, monuments, palaces and so many more places. Also, as you are short on time in a weekend tour, being with a tour guide will help as they know which way to go and which places to avoid due to overcrowding.

Food tips

Avoid eating food from unhygienic places. If you have a sensitive tummy, street food should be a no-no for you.  Always carry your bottled water wherever you go. Most of the problems crop up due to dirty drinking water. So, be wary and stick to places which serve fresh and healthy food. Over-eating can spoil your holiday, so beat the urge to binge.

Wrapping up

So, these are some of the things which you should bear in mind while planning a Golden Triangle weekend getaway. It can be overwhelming planning a weekend getaway if you are too busy in your regular. There are several companies which offer the Golden Triangle tour package. The task is to find a reliable one and which offers you the best deal. Trust the Perfect Agra Tours to be your best travel companion. They take care of your minutest of need and provide packages replete with luxury and comfort. They are responsive and extremely professional and with them, your weekend holiday will be no less than a dream tour.