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Same Day Agra Tour By Car

Every person in life encounters with an epoch, in which they think about life’s betterment and well-living. Some thinks of their foods, some for fashion, and many for their travel lifestyle. There are many people in the globe who want to explore this whole world. No matter they have that time or not but they think of it at least once. Some want to explore the world at its end and some feel happy, just after having the Same Day Agra Tour. It is not that how much time you spend at one place, it is about how much you grab from the place.

Ask a tourist about Agra city and then ask a traveller about this same city. You will get two different perceptions. Tourist will spot the same thing, alike the millions of people did. But a traveller sees something new, though it has been explored by millions. They say that once a place explored it remains the same, but not in Agra’s case. Besides its connection with Seven Wonders of the World, it has lots of things to offer. From Delhi To Agra By Car is the best way to grab them.

Agra, the city of Taj has thousands of gems hidden in its crest, only the exploring eyes can spot them. Let us take you on this epic One Day Agra Tour and let the aura of this city settles down in your veins. Make ample amount of stories just to chant in front of dearest ones, in just a day. Feel the aged-back royalness in the air of this city and taste its granular history.

Validity Price per person in USD
Valid All Time 1 Person 2 People 3 People 4 People 5 People 6 or 6+ People
Adult (Age: 15 - 99 yrs) USD 145 USD 95 USD 85 USD 75 USD 70 USD 65
Child (Age: 05 - 14 yrs) USD 45 USD 30 USD 20 USD 15 USD 10 USD 10

Itinerary of Same Day Agra Tour by Car

Pick up From Delhi

It is the fact of the matter that good things start just after stepping out from the safe zone. It is like the same old saying “A sailor cannot become a skilled one in the smooth sea”. We know that travelling is exciting but on the very same hand it also produces anxiety, but the anxiety that worth feeling. Once you land at Delhi airport, our driver pickup you in the comfort-equipped car. And will take you to the city of Taj.

Don’t know that you have heard about Yamuna Expressway or not? Let us tell you about it. Yamuna Expressway is the fastest route that connects Agra to Noida-Delhi, it is of 3 – 4 hours ride from Delhi to Agra By Car. On this journey of 4 hours, you will gather much information about this land of culture, tradition, and history.

Indulge Yourself in Agra City

By the time you enter in Agra city, it is obvious to starve by hunger. It is our recommendation that you are in North-India’s best city so live that day like a North-Indian. Start your day in the same manner as half of the population of Agra do. Get Bedai and Jalebi in breakfast from the best sweet shop of Agra (the driver will guide you). After having that tasty breakfast, our guide will introduce himself to you and he will take you to this most awaited Day Trip To Agra.

Taj Mahal – The Charm of this Same Day Agra Tour

On this Same Day Agra Tour, at first, you will be taken to Taj Mahal. A place for which this city, as well as this country, is known for. Taj Mahal, with its marvellous presence in this world, it has lots of stories. And they all vary from time to time and from mouth to mouth. The only thing which gives it a fact is, this is a monument built by Emperor Shah Jahan in the loving memory of his wife, Mumtaj Mahal.

Mumtaj Mahal, demanded a memento of their love so that this whole world will remember their love for many upcoming centuries. Due to this fact, it has also become the symbol of love for the rest of the couples in this World. One can easily spot some newly wedded couples in the tarmacs of this monument, paying homage to that undying love. It is the dream of many couples that they have a framed photograph, sitting in front of this monument, hanging on the wall of their living room.

In building this epic monument, about 20,000 workers, worked hard. So, that they could give shape to their lord’s will. Artisans, performers, and architects were brought from all the various different parts of World. Various precious and semi-precious stones were used in building this monument. You can also admire that beautiful inlay artwork on the white-marvelled walls.

Agra Fort – A Well-Fortified City

Along with the Taj Mahal, Agra Fort is UNESCO World Heritage Site. Having two heritage sites, Agra is one of those rare cities. This fortified city is the perfect place to get to know about the royalty of India and its Emperors. Standing calmly on either bank of River Yamuna, this place also gives a heart-pounding view of Taj Mahal.

Though it is a city within a city, it has many halls, gardens, and thousands of rooms. Each part of this Fort tells the different stories of that time. Like in Diwan-e-Aam, emperor takes part in regular proceedings, in Diwan-e-Khaas, emperor used to spend private time, and in Jahangir Palace, the childhood of 4th Mughal Emperor, carved on the walls.

It’s time to have World’s best Delicacy (Lunch)

As India is also known for its best grains and spices, it delivers the world’s best class food. Indian food is considered as the tastier and healthier food among the culinary around the world. Get a table in Agra’s most renowned restaurant, order food items, savour the taste of them and praise the goddess of Food, Annapurna.

Baby Taj – The Second Copy of Taj

Just like the Taj Mahal, this monument is also standing at a bank of River Yamuna. This is the tomb of I’timad-Ud-Daulah and sometimes also called as ‘Jewel Box’. Basically, it is a tomb of MirzaGhiyas Beg, the Father of NurJahan (wife of Jahangir). In building this monument same quality of marvel and gems were used which are used in building Taj Mahal. That’s why is also referred to as the draft of Taj Mahal.

Spending an evening in the arena of this monument will make your time more productive. Because it will connect you to your inner soul in that tranquil peace. The silence of this place will take you to a different world and the shore of River Yamuna makes that evening perfect.

Back to Delhi

While returning to Delhi, you can taste the street food of this city like PapdiChaat, GolGappe, and Best Egg Chowmeen. Our driver will take you back to your destination from where you picked-up or the place whatever you want.

That’s all for the day to well explore this city of amazing monuments. This Same Day Agra Tour By Car lets people make their own story of travelling and gives them the time that they want. Make your vacations a most remarkable and memorable one, while meandering on the streets which has a great connection with India’s precise and precious history.

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